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The way we aim to glorify God is by  ...

  • Offering a Welcome for the whole world
  • Being a Witness to the whole world
  • Enabling Worship from the whole world

We recognise that as a church in Slough we are uniquely privileged to have the world both on our doorstep and in our fellowship.  Different nationalities, worshipping together, gives us a foretaste of John’s vision in Revelation 7: 9.  “After this I looked and there before me was a great multitude … from every nation, tribe, people and language …”  This crowd was joining in the praise of God, giving Him Glory.  Our aim is to do the same.  

We try and do that in these ways:


We want to be a haven for those seeking God.  We see God as welcoming all sorts, as did Jesus in his ministry, so it’s important for us to do the same.


We encourage the whole congregation to share their faith with  others. We seek to develop both local and international dimensions to our witness by partnering with others.


Worship is more than singing hymns or songs. Serving others in the many ways open to us -  this too is worship. In fact, the whole of life can be described as worship. God is interested in our time at work, at home and at school as well as our time in church. We seek to encourage and build up every individual in our fellowship so that each may fully worship God in all areas of our lives.