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Sun 11th Aug 2019 10:30 Worship Service Luke 6:46-49 Explore Together Firm Foundations John Shepherd
Sun 07th Jul 2019 18:30 Worship Service Gal 4:8-20 The Gospel in Galatians Two Religions, Two Ministries John Shepherd
Sun 16th Jun 2019 18:30 Worship Service Gal 3:1-14 The Gospel in Galatians You never leave it behind John Shepherd
Sun 19th May 2019 10:30 Worship Service John 15:1-17 Gossip the gospel There is a Messiah... John Shepherd
Sun 10th Mar 2019 18:30 Worship Service Mark 10 Mark John Shepherd
Sun 27th Jan 2019 10:30 Worship Service Psalm 100 Psalms Through all generations John Shepherd
Sun 06th Jan 2019 18:30 Worship Service Mark 1 Mark John Shepherd
Sun 23rd Dec 2018 10:30 Worship Service Luke 1:26-45 Christmas Mary waits and waits John Shepherd
Sun 09th Dec 2018 18:30 Worship Service 2 Peter 3 2 Peter Advent John Shepherd
Sun 23rd Sep 2018 10:30 Worship Service Matthew 6:1-4 Sermon on the mount Giving Privately John Shepherd
Sun 26th Aug 2018 18:30 Worship Service 2 Tim 2:1-13 2 Timothy Stay true to the true gospel John Shepherd
Sun 12th Aug 2018 10:30 Worship Service Daniel 2 Daniel Our God Reveals John Shepherd
Sun 15th Jul 2018 10:30 Worship Service The difference Jesus makes to grief John Shepherd
Sun 03rd Jun 2018 10:30 Worship Service 1 Peter 4:9 Your Welcome Hospitality John Shepherd
Sun 08th Apr 2018 18:30 Worship Service 2 Peter 3:17-18 You can really grow I know I ought to grow... John Shepherd
Sun 25th Mar 2018 10:30 Worship Service john 19 The True King John Shepherd
Sun 11th Mar 2018 18:30 Worship Service Haggai Minor Prophets An act of obedience. John Shepherd
Sun 25th Feb 2018 10:30 Worship Service John 16 True Guidance John Shepherd
Sun 11th Feb 2018 10:30 Worship Service John 15 True Friendship John Shepherd
Sun 26th Nov 2017 18:30 Worship Service Advent A time to remember John Shepherd
Sun 29th Oct 2017 18:30 Worship Service Acts 9 Acts - Judea and Samaria A new apostle: Paul John Shepherd
Sun 17th Sep 2017 10:30 Worship Service 1 Cor 1:17-2:2 1 Corinthians The Wisdom and Power of God John Shepherd
Sun 06th Aug 2017 18:30 Worship Service Heb 6:1-3 Foundations The Holy Spirit John Shepherd
Sun 16th Jul 2017 18:30 Worship Service Heb 6:1-3 Foundations Repentance John Shepherd
Sun 09th Jul 2017 10:30 Worship Service 1 Cor 1:10-17 The Church How should the church work?, John Shepherd
Sun 25th Jun 2017 18:30 Worship Service Acts 11:26 What is a Christian? A Christian John Shepherd
Sun 04th Jun 2017 10:30 Worship Service Acts 4:23-31 Prayer Praying together John Shepherd
Sun 23rd Apr 2017 10:30 Worship Service Luke 11:1-13 Prayer Praying with confidence John Shepherd
Sun 19th Mar 2017 10:30 Worship Service Our Mission Witness to the whole world John Shepherd
Sun 19th Feb 2017 18:30 Worship Service 2 Thess 1:5-10 2 Thessalonians God gets the last word John Shepherd
Sun 12th Feb 2017 10:30 Worship Service Romans 12:6 Romans Spiritual Gifts John Shepherd
Sun 27th Nov 2016 18:30 Worship Service 1 Thessalonians 4:9-12 1 Thessalonians Behaviour towards outsiders John Shepherd
Sun 09th Oct 2016 18:30 Worship Service Mark 14 Five whys, John Shepherd
Sun 18th Sep 2016 10:30 Worship Service Romans 2 Romans By faith from first to last John Shepherd
Sun 11th Sep 2016 10:30 Worship Service Romans 1 Romans I am not ashamed John Shepherd
Sun 26th Jun 2016 18:30 Worship Service Matt 16:18, John 21:17 1 Peter Epilogue - Peter John Shepherd
Sun 19th Jun 2016 10:30 Worship Service TBC Communion with prayer for healing John Shepherd
Sun 14th Feb 2016 18:30 Worship Service 2 Kings 4:8-44 Life of Elisha 5. Power for Others John Shepherd
Sun 17th Jan 2016 10:30 Worship Service Ps 15, 1 Chron 13&15 David's Worship Approaching a Holy God John Shepherd
Sun 03rd Jan 2016 10:30 Worship Service Spiritual Checkup Sunday - God focused John Shepherd
Sun 20th Dec 2015 18:30 Worship Service Evening Specials John Shepherd
Sun 06th Dec 2015 10:30 Worship Service Matthew 3.1-12 Isaiah 11.1-10 Psalm 72.1-7,18,19 Romans 15.4-13 Advent John Shepherd
Sun 15th Nov 2015 10:30 Worship Service Ephesians 4:15 Growing in Christ John Shepherd
Sun 18th Oct 2015 18:30 Worship Service Acts 18:18-23, Acts 18:18-23 Letters to Corinthians Life of Paul 12. Corinth John Shepherd
Sun 11th Oct 2015 10:30 Worship Service Matthew 14:22-36 Matthew as a Manual Faith and Failure John Shepherd
Sun 20th Sep 2015 10:30 Worship Service Matthew 9:35-38 Matthew as a Manual Overload John Shepherd
Sun 23rd Aug 2015 18:30 Worship Service 2 Cor 12:7-9 Life of Paul 6. The “thorn in the flesh” John Shepherd
Sun 19th Jul 2015 18:30 Worship Service Acts 7:1 – 8:3, Acts 26:1-9, Ephesians 2:8 Life of Paul 1. Chief of sinners John Shepherd
Sun 28th Jun 2015 18:30 Worship Service Amos 3-6 Amos Five Wrongs John Shepherd
Sun 19th Apr 2015 10:30 Worship Service Eccl 4:1-12 The difference Jesus makes Facing Loneliness John Shepherd
Sun 12th Apr 2015 18:30 Worship Service Psalm 63 Paths to Growth Making time to grow John Shepherd
Sun 22nd Feb 2015 18:30 Worship Service Galatians 3:23 - 4:7 John Shepherd

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