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Worship is more than signing hymns or songs.  Serving others in the many ways open to us - this is worship too.  In fact the whole of life can be described as worship.  God is interested in our time at work, at home and at school as well as our time in church.  We seek to encourage and build up every individual in our fellowship so that each may fully worship God in all areas of our lives.

Our morning service is at 10.30. For those under 18 months there is a creche where it is possible to feed, change and sleep (well your child anyway!) For the rest we will spend time looking at what God's Word has to say to us for the week ahead.

After the service there is tea and coffee served in the rear hall.

There is also an evening service at 6.30 which is less structured than the morning. We will often have a time of worship, in which we encourage participation from the congregation.

We look for God to guide and lead us in our worship and to give us particular gifts from his Holy Spirit. Again we look into God's word, to lead, direct and to correct us.

There is often an opportunity to make a response and in all services there are opportunities to be prayed for whatever you happen to be facing.

You can listen to a selection of sermons from our services by clicking on the Media Library (under 'Resources').